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At dishSALON we have ALL levels of DevaCurl® Certification for all levels of Curly hair needs.

Why is a Devacurl cut so much better for naturally textured hair?

Devacurl cuts are done on your dry natural texture. When cutting with your natural curl, you get an even cut for your curls. Everyone has different curl patterns throughout their hair. If the hair is wet and cut with tension, when it dries your cut can look uneven and frizzy.

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 has mastered the perfect products for all types of curls.

Why use Devacurl products?

Devacurl has been around for over 20 years. They only make products for naturally textured hair, unlike other product lines that have 20+ products to smooth and straighten hair, and only 2 or 3 products for curls.

Wondering what to book?

New to DevaCurl® ?

A DevaCurl® Transformation of course! This 2+ hour appointment includes all of your product and hair care education, any and all the conditioning treatments necessary to rehydrate your locks as well as your DevaCurl® cut and style transformation!

Coming back for more?

So nice to see you and your lovely curls again!! A DevaCurl® cut and set is all that is required. This appointment can run about 1.5 hrs…sometimes less, sometimes more. Either way..we will work our way through your curl patterns and set you up for success at home!

Things to always remember for the DevaCurl® appointments:

Always arrive for your DevaCurl appointment with Triple D hair!!! The 3 D’s Are:

  • DOWN (no elastics, clips, pins, buns)
  • DRY (we don’t cut wet curls)
  • DETANGLED (seriously…if we have to do it..we have to charge you for our time and we don’t want to)
  • ***Also..important to note if you have straightened it…we cannot cut your curls that way because we can no longer see them. This would mean a wash and set we were not planning on doing before we could begin your scheduled services and we may not have time!!You may also not want the extra expense. To eliminate the possibility of having to reschedule…make sure you bring those beautiful curls in their natural state..and let us take care of them!!

Want to talk in person?

A consultation costs nothing but 15 minutes of your time.