Dish Salon

Meet the Team

Robyn - Owner



Robyn started this journey in 1991. She has worked from Manitoba to Ontario and developed a couple little side hustles along the way.

Ten years ago she realized a dream when she opened the doors to dishSALON.  Like her…it has grown and changed over the years…matured and become something more than what it was.

What Robyn wanted to create was a space where hair stylists would feel supported. Where team work, education, and ethics came first – not the almighty dollar. Where clients could walk in, take their many hats off, relax and feel at home. She wanted her space to feel like a good friends comfy couch or kitchen table, a place to just BE.

Robyn was fortunate enough to find a team of talented, like minded stylists who just wanted to enjoy their lives, their clients, and their industry as much as she did. Learning along the way what works…as well as what doesn’t. She will be the first to tell you her mistakes were many – but her successes were too. As she steps back a little at a time from behind her chair, she finds time beside her team to help them grow, watch them lead, and step back to enjoy the chill vibe they have created together.



manager/senior stylist

With 19 years in this industry, Rachel is the manager and resident “Boss Applesauce” at dishSALON! She is the glue…the long game planner. She sees what needs to happen and keeps the team hopping!

Some of her many certifications include: Devacurl® Level 3, TIGI linea© Creative Cutting and Classic Cuts, Creatively Beautiful Inc. bridal / specialty up-styling, over a dozen colour and highlight placement technique programs, as well as a trip to Mexico and the U.S to learn about colour and cutting trends. She has travelled far and wide to bring you the latest and greatest techniques!

Rachel is the perfect pepper to Robyns salt! She is quieter…lending herself to be a terrific listener. She has no troubles telling you the truth…even when it isn’t what you want to hear. She is level headed and doesn’t make promises for your hair that she can’t keep. Rachel has a passion for this industry that is tireless and enviable. A leader in our community.

Her curly hair knowledge and education is by far unmatched in our region. She is worth every minute  of your time. Rachel works with you…for you…and that, our dear friends…is just the way she rolls!


TUESDAY 12 – 8 PM, Thursday 9 AM – 3:30 PM,
Friday 12 – 8 PM, Saturday 9 AM – 3 PM (alternating)



senior stylist

(on maternity leave)

As a senior stylist, Erin brings more than 10 years of expertise to the chair. She takes her time and strives to meet your every need. Erin is soft spoken, a great listener, and all together lovely. She remembers the tiniest details about you and is meticulous about her work!

Some of her many educational endeavours include: Master in short hair, curly hair and colour techniques, American Crew Men’s cutting trends, Level 2 Deva Curl curly hair training, Creatively Beautiful Inc. up-styling for special occasions, Kevin Murphy blow out seminars, and Matrix Colour collection seminars, to name a few. Her passion for hair styling has driven her to excellence and it shows in her work.

Erin has this crazy ability to make you feel right at home. Comfortable. When you take time to spend with her, it is time well spent. We think in todays crazy world…that is a beautiful thing. We know you’re going to love her!


TUESDAY 10 – 3 PM, Wednesday 12 – 8 PM, Thursday 10 AM – 6 PM,
Friday 9 AM – 5 PM, Saturday 9 AM – 3 PM (alternating)

Miranda - Hair Stylist at Dish Salon


senior stylist

Miranda has more than 11 years in this industry and she is going strong! She takes education and social medias very seriously. She is the brains behind the dishSALON social pages!

She has many courses and certificates, which include: Tape in hair extension certification, Level 1 Deva Curl hair specialist,  Matrix Finishing /Advanced Cutting class, and Matrix Colour collection workshops. Miranda is a master with all colour – fashion shades, balayage and colour corrections. Her ability to create custom formulas for each person is nothing short of uncanny, and she nails it every time!  She is always staying on top of the latest trends and plans to add even more certifications to her colouring/cutting repertoire this year!

Miranda gives it to you straight, is up front and honest about what can and can’t happen for your lovely locks. She won’t compromise quality for quantity… and that’s just the way we like things around here!

Miranda is a mom, lover of life and enjoys trying new local area food. She is just the energy you’re looking for!


TUESDAY 10 – 3 PM, WEDNESDAY 12 – 8 PM, 
Friday 9 – 5 PM, Saturday 9 AM – 3 PM


senior stylist

What can we say about this lady?! She might well be the sweetest person we know! With over 9 years as a stylist, Kayla is incredibly well rounded. It would seem she is just as good at hair styling as she is a delightful human!

Kayla stays on top of the latest trends, is a master at curly hair and balayage. She has multiple modern and advanced techniques courses under her belt including: Modern Barber, Creative Colour Trends, and Dream Curls and has her level 2 Devacurl training.

If you have ever landed in Kayla’s chair…you know what we are talking about!! She is thoughtful, kind, and just as likely to share a laugh with you as she is to shed a tear. Her love of her trade is contagious. She is so excited when you are excited to get the best looks and trends! We catch her “hair shopping” for her clients all the time!! She has a sharp wit and she doesn’t miss a beat!

If you haven’t had the pleasure to meet this lovely acquaintance…you’re missing out..and so is your hair.


TUESDAY 12 – 8 PM, WEDNESDAY 11 – 7 PM, 
Thursday 10 – 6 PM, Saturday 9 AM – 3 PM


junior stylist

Taylor has landed on the dishSALON team after taking her studies at St. Lawrence College. She is a local gal with deep roots in our beautiful community. She wanted to bring her talents home and we are so glad she did!

Taylor has an eye…the ability to step back and look at her work. She has sharp wit and an intuition we really dig! When you work with Taylor…you can feel her investment into you. One of her driving forces is her desire to help people feel good and look even better. We think you will love her as much as we do!!

She loves learning new things and is always staying on top of the latest trends.  Taylor has a passion for the arts – from painting canvases to painting hair. Her passion is doing major transformations and working with vivid colours.


TUESDAY 12 – 7 PM, WEDNESDAY 12 – 6 PM, 
Friday 12 – 6 PM, Saturday 9 AM – 2 PM

Front Desk Coordinator


front desk coordinator

As the newest team member here at dishSALON…you can expect Carrie to be the sweetness of this spicy bunch! She will be the first face you look upon when you walk through the door and may we just say….YOU’RE WELCOME!

Aside from her flawless front desk coordination skills, Carrie is downright fun to be around! She has a kind word and a friendly chat for everyone. She has a fantastic sense of humour and an intellect to match. She will be sure to attend to your every need.

After graduating from Loyalist College’s Esthetics and Spa Management program in 2008, Carrie spent several years honing her corporate skills. She is excited to be back in this industry, using her knowledge to create an efficient environment for her team at dishSALON!

Carrie loves concerts, random road trips, football, and her two sweet as she is Schnauzers…Charlie and Mylo.

Carrie honestly can’t wait to meet you.