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“come as you are”

dishSALON - come as you are

October 11, 2011, began what we hoped would become a recipe for a terrific workplace. We wanted dishSALON to be a place where stylists felt empowered and confident and clients felt at home.   So…we figured…if we could create a chill salon environment with a  non-competitive flavour…it would end up being a really great place to work and also a great place to get your hair done! We knew that when our team was happy, healthy, supported, and living their best lives…then the by-product of that would be a happy, healthy, and relaxed atmosphere for our clients.

So we threw together a concoction of work ethic, understanding, education, and  knowledge sharing…mixed it together with trust, motivation, commitment, and support! The end result after many years of adding and subtracting just the right amounts of sugar and spice…is US! Our team of wonderfully committed stylists who love their lives and their industry!! We sure hope you like what we have created here at dishSALON! If you are new to us, welcome. We look forward to getting to know you. If you are returning, welcome back!  We missed you.

We don’t have to remind anyone of how stressful this last year has been. For the whole world…not just our beautiful little community.  Yet with all the “new normal” comes validation of a few truths for us; 

  • We really appreciate our small salon!!! We never had the intention to grow big because spaces like ours are intimate and everyone loves that. But this last year has brought it home to us that smaller really is better when it comes to our salon.
  • We appreciate our community!!! We completely missed all of YOU!!! (your face, your stories and all your life junk!!) just as much as doing your hair! Getting back to you after these closures has been a solid reminder of how much you truly mean to us here at the shop!!!
  • We appreciate each other!!! Our work family means so much to all of us… it feels so good to be back working together!! We create the best energy when we are working together!!

So…there it is. We did it for us initially… but dishSALON has really just evolved into this crazy, fun, easy place to be for you, our client as well as for us! We can feel everyone who comes here really gets that vibe!!! We love it!! Thanks everyone!!




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I look forward to my appointments each and every time. I was treated exceptionally well by everyone at the salon. Kayla's skill and patience while explaining what miracle she will be will be doing is appreciated. The salon's covid-19 policies are exceptional and go above and beyond to ensure the safety of their staff and customers. highly recommend this salon.
Fiona Dodsworth
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Miranda was lovely and gave me an awesome cut, with tips to help recreate the look at home.
Stephanie Denn
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They do a great job! I have curly hair and their Deva cut is the best I have found to manage frizz and keep a good shape.
Greg Cowie
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Friendly and welcoming. They did a great job on my long curly hair, and were excellent with my (somewhat wary) four year old when she had her hair cut. Very happy, I'll be back.
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Always happy with my hair after Kayla performs her magic!!!
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Rachel cut and coloured my hair. She is fantastic. I showed her a few photos of hair cuts I like and told her to do as she sees fit. I love my hair!!!! Thank you Rachel!


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