To cut or to trim? That is the question…


February 15, 2015

Behind the Chair:

My name is Robyn and I have been a licensed hairstylist since 1991. On more than one occasion, I have attempted to redirect my career path towards something different, yet I find myself still doing hair after 25 years. Could it be that I enjoy this industry more than I realized? I think so. That is why I have decided to begin my stylist blog. Its a little unnerving to put myself out there in this way, but I feel it is important for a few reasons. Firstly, as I get older, I notice that my industry continues to evolve and change. Usually its exciting and for the greater good of stylists everywhere, yet there are some misconceptions that I feel are not conducive to our growth, and I aim to straighten them out. Secondly, folks need a spot they can go to for quick information that is current and relevant in our ever changing society. Style and trend are not the same thing. They play different roles in our lifestyles and its important to know the difference. Lastly, I love planet earth!! Unfortunately, I chose an industry fraught with pollutants, chemicals, and excessive waste and product use. I want to provide information, ideas, and easy tips that will not compromise your life or your hair, but will help you take it a wee bit easier on this planet we call Earth. After all, its the only one we’ve got!

As a stylist, I have the unique opportunity of demonstrating my art and creativity through touch. This ability opens the door for building relationships with people. I enjoy this aspect of what I do. I strive for an honest, realistic relationship with each one of my clients. We cultivate this dynamic friendship over time and I trust that we are always working together. When our feedback loop is strong, we continue to grow. We try new things, discuss what works and what does not. With out the trust and communication we establish together, this growth would not be possible.

The first time I meet you as a prospective client, I ask as many questions as I can. I want to know about you. Those facts about your self, your lifestyle, your habits, and your tastes help me in creating a realistic goal for your hairstyle needs. Your hairstyle must always fit your capabilities, your time constraints as well as your face shape and hair type. So many factors play a role in a successful hairstyle. It should look great on you, adapt to your schedule, and not take you more time and products than your willing to put into it. We all have things that we love about our hair, things that make us feel insecure, and things we hate. I strive to pull all those factors together in a way that works within your day to day reality. I cannot do that if I do not know things about you and your life. It would be nice for me as an artist if all you did was sit around all day quietly looking pretty with my work atop your head, but that’s neither your reality, nor mine.

When I work with you for the first time, I will often tell you that I have no idea how all of our work will play out for you over the next 6 weeks. That is because it is our first time working together. How can either of us know what our new work will bring? It is important for you as a client to understand this. I cannot presume to get everything right the first time, and so I ask that you return in 6 weeks so we can evaluate it together. It is at this point we begin working together.

I think my approach is not unique. I believe every stylist wants their work to reflect the time and attention they put into your hair. I also believe every stylist wants the opportunity to make it right when you are not seeing the goals you want to see in your hairstyle. I urge you as the client to be open,honest, and realistic with your stylist. You will both reap greater rewards when you work together. I invite you if you are a stylist to see your client as the individual they are. It is your job to identify the strengths and weaknesses your clients hair brings to your canvas. Your the professional guidance they are seeking to look and feel their best. Your only as good as your points of communication. Use them wisely.

So here goes!Welcome to my blog…

I don’t really need a cut this time, maybe just a trim!”

I am here to tell you that the above statement is not logical. Whether or not you and your stylist are maintaining your current look or going for something new, the time and steps required to provide you with either of those outcomes is exactly the same!!At that crucial point when you and your stylist are deciding on how much hair hits the floor, I can promise you that whether you have chosen a mere dusting of 1/8th of an inch or you have selected 4”, the time it takes for the blades to do their job is identical. Your stylist will still need to access all the sections of the hairstyle to maintain the integrity of the cut.

However, if we are talking about bangs… they can and often do need a wee trim between appointments. It is likely your stylist will provide this service for you between appointments at no extra charge. (Its kind of our way to ensure you don’t take matters into your own hands!)

Remember….if trimming bangs well at home was easy, your mother would still be cutting them for you! Please leave it to us professionals!