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Need a Change?

by robyn pick

I cannot remember when it happened exactly…but at some point in my career, I stopped asking people what they wanted me to do. Not because I stopped caring. I care a lot. It was more the realization that folks may know they want something….they just may not always know WHAT. So there it is! The niche… The thing we do as stylists that we live for. We find the little changes, the big changes…the somethings…and we make them happen.

 The reality of Pinterest, Instagram, FB, and any other media source, is that they bring with them a cornacopia of style/colour ideas for every client…everywhere. It can be so confusing. Who doesn’t have a pile of pictures on their phone of styles and colours of all shapes and shades??? So where do we start? How do we know which styles are in alignment with our lifestyle and which ones are better left on our Pinterest boards? Life isn’t perfect angles, strategic lighting, or even complimentary back drops. It’s grocery shopping, errands, meetings, windy walks, and housework.

 Having said all of that, if you are on the market for a fresh new look…asking your self the following questions may help with a new perspective on your style this season.  Go ahead and write them down. Take them along on your next appointment.

What does my day look like? (Be honest with this question!!!) How busy your morning is- IS VITAL!!!! If you don’t have the time….you won’t have the time.  Knowing how your day generally goes down is a tremendous help in sorting out what will work for you and what will not.

Do I invest in product and tools to style my hair? If the answer is no, its all good…just remember to find styles and shapes that come naturally to your hair. It makes sense that if you rise and shine and keep things natural….no colour or pair of scissors on earth is going to change it for you. If you want change, product and tools are your ally, so invest in good ones. (You can make the best cookie batter in the world, but if you cook that business on tin foil…its going to burn.) Quality matters!

What do I like the most about my hair? Always a tough question when our focus is usually what we would like to change. However…everyone likes something about their hair. Take a good look at your self and pick out some lovely qualities about your locks. It won’t kill you, I promise.

What do I like the least about my hair? I know…this was the obvious next question, but usually this is the one you bring to your stylist so it should be easy! Being realistic is important. Pick the two worst offenders on your list and leave the rest for another day.

What am I willing to maintain? Such a crucial question!! Time and money people!!! Time and money!! Every choice you make for your colour and style has an impact on those two factors.  Be real when you’re deciding on how often you can commit to coming back for touch ups and maintenance. (Examples: You are going grey and you hate it. Do you colour over it entirely? If so, your root retouches will be every 4-6 weeks.  A significantly larger investment of time and money than other options. Something such as partial high and low lighting would mask only some of your grey, allowing for longer periods between colour services. Do you cut your hair above the shoulder? Shorter styles need more frequent visits to maintain shape. If you are rocking the unfathomably long locks, you can literally go for months without a cut.)  So ask yourself what you can maintain, and work with your stylist on the options that best suit your time and budget.

Having a great style is about good communication with your style professional. Its about working together and coming up with a style plan for each season with an attainable repertoire of shapes and shades for you to experience. Its about knowing which styles belong on your head and which ones can stay on your board! Have fun, try new things, and remember…its about working with what you’ve got!!

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