The Buzz on Your Fuzz

By Rachel Allworth-Richardson

Anyone with curly hair knows how much of a struggle a morning routine can be. From dealing with haircuts meant for straight hair, the daily humidex, to products that simply do nothing but hamper our every effort. They can be very trying. Yet….we have found there is hope!

There is now a curly hair system available to all of us who have faced these hurdles. We don’t have to straighten and flat iron our hair anymore. If your as sick as we are of damaging your lovely locks, trying to hide that natural nemesis of fuzz and frizz. Devacurl is the answer.

Simple facts to know:

If you have curly hair, you need a stylist with a license and Devacurl certification to cut your curls. No exceptions. A trained curly stylist is going to save you time and money because they are going to work with your unique curl type and get it right for you. You have specific needs. You know your hair best, so what I am saying with resonate with anyone who had a butchering of their locks in the name of curls! If you have had a stylist tell you you can’t have too many layers, or they need to thin it out because its so heavy…….run. Run away. This is bad information. It is based in old theory that does not yield return.

Only a Devacurl stylist can bring all the necessary elements together for you and those lovely curls your hiding. Now, be careful. There are many salons that carry the Devacurl product…..but have they been trained in New York City at the Devachan Salons on how to utilize them properly? Have they taken the full curly workshops on cutting and weight distribution, natural fall and curl cluster type formulation?? Can they guarantee where your curls will fall? If the answer is no….find a Devacurl stylist who can. The Devacurl line needs to be used in a certain way. You know your curls…its

not just a simple wash/cond/gel…..we all wish!! It is a process, and it works. Are the Devacurl products expensive? Not really. If used incorrectly, they will be ineffective and sure…that makes them expensive. Anything wasted is wasted. Used the way they are intended, they create beautiful hydrated bouncy curl clusters. More importantly, they last a long time, reduce your morning routine stress and reduce your styling time. That is money saved. You spend hard earned money to upkeep your hair, does it not make sense that everything you invest in is an investment in YOU?

If you look in the mirror and feel you’re seeing dry, puffy,fluffy, frizzy, or (gasp!!) triangular hair…come find us at dishSALON. Your mornings will be so much happier!!