role: owner/creative director

Robyn loves what she does. The people, the chaos, the creativity, the meltdowns. She loves it all. She’s been at it for over 27 years and by our count, that’s a good long while. Robyn believes the foundation to every success is in the knowledge… and so… has spent her life learning!!  Her many certifications include:  Devacurl®, TIGI linea©, Graham Webb advanced styling, Schwartzkoff® colour, Martin Parsons updo course, Creatively Beautiful Inc., Sebastian™ line on shine, Goldwell Colour placement, Conflict Resolution Management, as well as an Advanced Diploma in Environmental Technology. Robyn has stepped back to part time behind the chair in the past few months so she can focus on building her team here at dish! With such a passionate, talented group of stylists working with her, she has been able to put some of her energy into mentoring and encouraging their industry growth. Her vision has always been to create an environment rich in learning and positive workplace interaction. Its easy to relax and have fun with a group of professionals who clearly enjoy working together and cultivate a mutual respect for each others strengths and talents!! Robyn has also recently become an educator for Neuma( styling products, as well as a certified Deva Curl Styling Coach, which gives her the opportunity to share her passion for a sustainably beautiful future!






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