neuma-logo-for-webNeuma styling products are exactly what planet earth was waiting for! They deliver unparalleled performance without a single “dirty dozen” ingredient. The integrity of this product line can be traced directly to every ingredient used in formulation. With transparency like that, who needs to buy anything else? It feels great in your hair, on your wallet, and for the planet!! Long live Neuma!! Check them out :





Kevin Murphy is a world-renown hairstylist whose work has graced runways worldwide and shown up in the pages of fashion magazines like Vogue and GQ. We love him, though, because he is a dedicated advocate for environmental products and practices, and it shows in his hair care line. It’s paraben and sulphate free, which is great for your hair. The products are compressed — with very little water added, the products last longer, require less packaging and leave a smaller carbon footprint when shipped worldwide. And that’s great for the planet.



deva_logoCalling all curls!!! This product line and cutting philosophy tickles our inner earth goddesses! We discovered this product about a year ago and realized quickly it is a lifestyle. Its clean, its easy and it delivers hydration where those curls need it most. We encourage all guys and girls with curls to try these specialized products. They were made for you! We will be hosting a bi-annual “Curls Night Out” where you can try the products, learn the techniques, and buy your curly hair goods at a terrific discount! Be sure to watch our facebook page for updates on this emerging trend in curls!


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