Is clean hair really a big dirty?

The Green Effect:

Is your clean hair a big dirty to our planet?

Yep. Sorry folks. I know we all love it when our hair flows with the gentle breeze and smells like fresh grapefruits, but we need to get real. Here are the blunt facts on Sodium Laureyl Sulphites, Parabens, and Silicons. Choose to use or not, once you’re informed you can’t claim ignorance!

Sodium Laureth Sulphate = an inorganic salt

It is the cleansing agent in your haircare products responsible for your sudsy lather.

Benefits: It attracts the oils in our hair to stick to it so we can rinse them away. Clever!

Drawbacks: It creates frizz and split ends from drying out the hair. Remember….its a SALT!!!

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Parabens = an ester (acid)

They are added to most beauty products to ensure the product doesn’t collect bacteria and fungus (a.k.a microorganisms) in the moist conditions of our bathrooms. While they occur naturally in berries, cloves, cinnamon, and mushrooms, we create it using petrochemicals (a.k.a crude oil) for the cosmetic industry.

Benefits: You don’t get sick taking a shower. Your products have a longer lifespan.

Drawbacks: It doesn’t play nice with the sunshine. Further dependency on fossil fuels depletes our resources.

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Silicons = polymers (stretchy building blocks you can mix with anything!)

They are responsible for making the product easy to distribute through the hair, controlling your frizz, as well as creating shine and luminosity.

Benefits: Your hair and your colour will look fabulous and feel fabulous!

Drawbacks: They bio-accumulate in the natural environment because they do not biodegrade. This means when we wash them down the drain, they get eaten by the fishies. Eventually, we eat the fishies….so we are what we eat! In this case…. rubbery polymer fish. Which, by the way, stay inside us too!

Made from silica (sand), it has to endure a lot of chemical processing to become the diverse little molecule we need for flexibility. High energy output to make it.

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Robyn’ take…

Generally, I follow what the Europeans are saying, regardless of what Canada and the US are dishing out. There is a new frontier about to emerge and it will change the way you wash your hair. It will clean without cleansing. If you want to know what I use, I am a Kevin Murphy fan all the way. There are a couple other reputable companies on the market as well.

My biggest concern has always been for our fresh water. Anything that we can do as a society to preserve what we have, and limit contaminants going in, I am a supporter of. I love my hair when its “dirty”. I embrace the change. I bet if they could, the wee little fishies would be embracing too! So stay tuned for more products that will meet your needs as well as the planets. They are coming!