Bringing in the old and making it new.

20130702_153529editeddishSALON is undergoing a HUGE change. New colour area, new stations, new stylists…but don’t forget about all of our old favourites. We have expanded the dishSALON family with two new stylists: Aleta Tennant and Jessica McMurter. The original stylists are still here, and a few new “old” things have really brought life to our little salon.

As you know, we really want to show that a salon can be environmentally friendly, so we are putting the phrase “reduce, reuse, recycle” into full use. Our new colour table is made of old doors, and the handles to hang your accessories are old antique door knobs. At our wash stations, there is a new shelf for theĀ  shampoos and conditioners, made of the scraps from the doors that were used for the table.

There are even more changes coming and we are looking forward to all of them.